Get to Know Kas&Klo

A Message from our CEO & Founder

Greetings and thank you for stopping by!  I am Randi Fountain, the CEO & Founder of Kas&Klo Style, LLC, a luxury jewelry brand that uses gemstones to handcraft personalized statement jewelry.  Kas&Klo Style is named after my two oldest daughters Kasydi & Khloe, and created with my newest edition, Harlei, in my lap ❤️.  I truly believe that custom jewelry can enhance your appearance as well as your mindset.  How?  Well, as you've all heard - when we look good, we feel good.  Your appearance impacts your confidence, which determines how you will show up each day. When you wear a customized piece that speaks positivity specifically to you, it serves as an affirmation of what you are capable of and reminds you of who you are!  No, I can't make this up (lol); I've had numerous clients share this very sentiment with me, and it was then I realized that my creativity is deeper than the aesthetics.

Contact us at for a free design consultation.  

We are located in Hagerstown, MD and can be reached via text at: 301-775-6010.

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