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Accepting and Celebrating Your Truth with Kas&Klo Style Custom Jewelry

Hello to all of you beautiful Kas&Klo'ers!!!

The Kas&Klo Style mission is to honor each individual's uniqueness and personal style. In doing so, I create pieces that promote self-love, growth, knowing your self-worth and independence; support family, sisterhood and brotherhood; celebrate  victory and positive change; and provide awareness for any cause (diseases, disabilities or ailments that a person or their loved one lives with daily/has defeated).

I personally believe that it is both fulfilling and liberating to wear custom pieces that are true to YOU, and allow you to feel PROUD and GRATEFUL for where you've evolved from and all that's in store. I believe that all of life's encounters are part of a purposeful process designed to increase our knowledge and strength, build character and teach us to appreciate some of the smallest things. So often we get caught up in the haves and have nots of life, not taking time to simply appreciate the continuous breaths we take, nature's music, and endless (and free) opportunities to experience community, growth and peace. Though times undoubtedly grow challenging, there is ALWAYS a better plan ahead. The question is will you stay the course?

I encourage each of you to develop or find a mantra that is true to you, repeat it daily and be thankful for each day you are here. Think of everyday as an opportunity to work towards achieving or developing something new; to reflect on fond memories; to spend time with those near and dear to you; to meet new people; and last but not least, to help someone else who may be in need without expectation of anything in return.

I pray that each of you who have supported and are planning to support Kas&Klo Style, can personally connect to your custom jewelry as I do when I create each piece based on the stories provided to me during the consultation phase. I've formed SO many sister and brotherhoods throughout this amazing custom jewelry creation journey, and I can't wait until I'm able to connect with many more of you awesomely amazing souls!

I love you all and thank you for being a member of the Kas&Klo Style FAMILY!!


  • Hey Kasydi and Khloe! I hope y’all sell a lot of these so y’all can go wherever y’all want in life, so keep pushing yourself and each other to become hard workers y’all are. Love Y’all!!!!

    Tiffany Capers
  • I received my piece I love it. Will be buying more!

  • Can’t wait to receive my piece!!! It’s looks like a story I can tell

    Carman Clark
  • When I first laid eyes on Kas & Klo bracelets I was instantly impressed. Each piece truly touches my heart personally and I know I have to have it, beautiful and uplifting jewelry doesn’t get any better than that.
    Thank you for your creations!

    Dail Garrett

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